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Spectrum analyzer

Spectrum analyzer

Postby ramicio » 2013/08/16 14:34

I got this spectrum analyzer from youritronics. The creator said at some point there would be some version 3 with FFT. He's basically stated that he has no interest in advancing the project. The lack of FFT is UNACCEPTABLE to me. I know it's a flashy light show product, but I don't want low frequencies reading on the high frequency bands. There are microcontrollers with FFT libraries, so there is no excuse in the coding department.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in collaborating to build a competing product? I really only have an issue with the programming. I can take care of the hardware. There are weirdos out there who claim I can learn to do the programming, but I can't. I repeat: I can't. I cannot do it, and I have no desire to put in massive amounts of time and effort into something at which I will ultimately fail.

This is a 1 kHz test tone:

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